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15 Places to post your online content

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15 Places to post your online content

“Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”

Ec 11:1

The internet is a huge space.  To become noticed it helps to have some knowledge about where to post your content if you desire for it to be seen.  To that end I have found a link on squiddo that gives 15 places anyone that is seeking to expose their content to the masses online should consider.  It’s a great start, but are there other options and ideas that you can think of?

Feel free to comment and share what you have learned and or what works for you.


Whew it’s been busy!

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Spiritual Bootcamp_Cb

Well its been a busy several weeks.  I haven’t blogged as much because I have been looking for full time work, and I have had the privilege of becoming a freelance writer for

I’ve posted a couple of articles now.  Here’s one of them.

Besides simply trying to put food on the table, and writing for the Examiner.  I have finally finished as of today the synopsis for m novel.  It’s been a long road, but its done.  There’s only problem.  It’s 15 pages long!  Ok so I took almost a 400 page novel and summarized it in 15 pages.  Now I’ve got to cut it down to say 5 and then one.

Arggggghhhhh!!  But hey such is the art of revision.  🙂  It’s amazing what you see when you do a synopsis.  I see scenes that I’m wondering if I should add, or if I can rewrite.  

In addition, to working on my synopsis, I’ve been working on a few book trailers.  Here’s the latest let me know what you think. 

And yes I will be posting more,I’m  trying to adjust to the freelance writing schedule and the blogging.

Until next time!


Check out my new book trailer!

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I’d like to introduce my new trailer for my novel The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars

Yes its supposed to be a tease!  Hehe.. patience grasshopper, patience.  🙂

How Will Readers Discover Your Self-Published Books? Sobering Numbers Impact Today’s Authors

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In the end this is a vital question that every author that is starting out must ask themselves.  Even more so if you are self-publishing.

Now as someone who hopes one day to be published via the traditional route, it still begs the question.  How can you increase the odds of success?

This little post I found on a blog I think sums the situation up nicely.  In the end she narrows her answer to the following.

Develop a platform that encompasses the following.

•  Book websites and/or blogs

•  Social media outreach

•  Press releases

•  Public speaking

•  TV, radio, and blog interviews

•  Blog and magazine articles

•  Targeted advertising

So how much of this are you doing?  Obviously the bigger the platform the better the chance of discoverability.

Hmmm let’s see what we can build shall we?

Here’s the full link…enjoy!