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We’ve moved! Check out the new website!

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Hi if you have reached this blog, please click here and check out my new self hosted website.  All the great blog post, and information about my books and such is over there now.


God bless!



The Business of Writing Top 10: How to have more fun

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I love this mans wit. If you feel like you need an oomph Chazz’s humor does just that. In this article he talks about how we can make something like even our copy writing fun.

C h a z z W r i t e s . c o m

Have you ever watched shows like World’s Funniest Commercials?

This Plague of Days OMNIBUS (Large)When the show took a commercial break, did you sit on your couch and watch the regular commercials and wonder why they had to be so bland? Or did you go make a sandwich or run for the bathroom? Commercials don’t have to be as bad as they often are. Think of the annual hype around Superbowl commercials. How is it that the rest of the year, commercials are background noise for making sandwiches and flushing? The ad industry should try harder.

And so should we. Book promotion can be fun. We should take fun more seriously.

When we write our books, we are at our best. We’re witty and play with ideas and irony. We tell stories. We’re in the entertainment business. So why lose all that buoyancy when it comes to promoting our work? Advertising is writing, too. Yes, writing back cover blurbs…

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We’re moving!

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Evening all,

After tearing over the decision I’ve decided that I need to take the next step of getting my platform underpinnings together.  So I’m expecting to move to a server.  The finances are finally there, and to take things to the next level I need to simply own my blog/website.  Right now I have two sites to keep up and I need to direct traffic to one point.

So keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I also want to make sure I’m targeting content that readers want to see.  So I plan on dealing with leadership, entrepreneurship, and writing and or course Christian opinion.

Please bear with me, its been a hectic last week with my kindle countdown promotion which was an incredible success.  Also I have both my sons and my own birthday’s coming up this week.  But I do expect to put up some content this week.  I also have a author interview that is upcoming as well as two media announcements shortly so stay tuned!

One of the challenges of running your own business is that you really are doing everything yourself.  So it takes time.  Since I do work, well needless to say its time consuming.

But great things are in store.  In the meantime enjoy this bit of music that is part of the soundtrack for the next book.






Using Personality Type in Character Development

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Great information to assist with thinking about character personalities.

The New Authors Fellowship

Some authors (like myself) are character-driven. Others (like my “fanfic” collaborator Jason Ward of Barbados—imagine that, my fiction actually inspires fan fiction) are plot-driven. Character-driven authors can create colorful characters at the drop of a hat; it’s plotting which challenges them. Plot-driven authors can create interesting plots easily; it’s creating interesting characters which challenges them. Thus Jason and I have a mutually beneficial partnership.

Ever since I saw Jeff Gerke’s method of character creation for plot-driven authors like himself, I’ve been thinking about what lies behind the two preferences in writing. Among other devices, Jeff draws upon the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and the model of cognitive dynamics which lies behind it to create and enrich characters. It occurs to me that two elements of cognitive preference likely dictate whether one is a character-driven author or a plot-driven author.

Of the sixteen codes in the Myers-Briggs grid, half have F…

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Top 5 Things Wrong With Christian Music, Movies, and Books

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An excellent commentary on how Christians view the arts. Agree or Disagree. It’s definitely thought provoking.

Fencing With Ink

It’s that time of year when Christians ruin Christmas carols by adding in a bridge that completely clashes with the rest of the song, adds nothing of any real value, and basically tries to spice up linguistic gourmet with lyrical pop tarts. Seriously, how do you screw up “Joy to the World?” And who would dare think that “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” needed to be more Godly? Why are we ruining our own songs?!

And it’s not just music. Christian media in general is absolute garbage most of the time. I won’t say all, because there is some truly phenomenal stuff out there, but most of the mainstream Christian music, movies, and books are predictable and uninspired. I’ve diagnosed 5 reasons why. 

5. The Stores

All sources: Google All sources: Google

This one is slightly legitimate. Christian stores only sell to one kind of client, and that particular client is often…

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The Author With The Biggest Mailing List Wins

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Need to sell books? Better learn to capture emails!

Donovan Neal visits The G-ZONE to discus

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Donovan Neal visits The G-ZONE to discuss “The Third Heaven”,Today @2PM EST!

We have always thought Hell was created

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We have always thought Hell was created for man…we were so wrong. Get your copy today!

Show Me the Money–What’s the Skinny on Author Earnings?

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An excellent piece on what it really takes if you want to be successful in the writing industry. Well thought our piece.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Via Flickr Creative commons, courtesy of Tax Credits. Via Flickr Creative commons, courtesy of Tax Credits.

My degree is in Political Science with an emphasis on Political Economy. To earn this degree, I had to study a lot of statistics *UGH* and to be blunt? I agree with Mark Twain, “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.” Surveys and statistics are a science: number of participants, number of questions, phrasing of the questions, nature of the sample group, geography, etc.

Yada, yada, yada.

But somewhere in the numbers is some truth, which is why I asked one of our WANA instructors, Jami Gold, to do this guest post for me (and yes, she will be presenting at WANACon).

Sure we love to write, but I assume all of us are asking the BIG questions: Is there MONEY in writing? How do we make a GOOD living as writers? Money seems to be the taboo and we don’t want…

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Why Men Marry Some Women And Not Others by John T. Molloy

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Great article, great information for US Christian singles to read, male or female. Lots of insight here.