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Music for the next novel has been selected!

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In the next novel, Heaven has been decimated by war. Michael’s mind reels with visions of the future revealed to him by El, and Lucifer’s plan to force God’s surrender comes to a head.

The Third Heaven:The Birth of God is the sweeping tale that explores the powerful aftermath and consequences of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven.

For in order to save humankind, and heal the rift to his kingdom. God will make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of his beloved creation.

What would YOU do for love?

Those that know me, know I love to write to epic music. The music takes my spirit to where I want the words to echo. Each book has its own music, its own song, that gives the reader the sense of what emotions will be invoked in the book. I have now found that piece that exhibits that emotion in me for this next novel.

It’s a powerful piece that evokes childlike wonder, awe, power, and flows into sweeping choral melodies that transports the listener into the realm where angels live and move to bring about the will of God.  Angels who will lay down everything to see God’s vision come to pass.  Angels…whose innocence was lost due to war.  And a God who will stop at nothing to bringing restoration to his beloved creation.  A piece that will haunt you to ask….what would you do for love?

Introducing the new theme song for my next novel. Adam Balazs Vox Humana.

Epic music at its best.