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ACX: The making of an audio book

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ACX image

Have you ever thought of making an audio book as a writer?

Did you wonder about the steps you could take to turn your fiction into a nice audio book?

If so this blog post is for you.  As it stands amazon has made the process incredibly easy in many ways.

To get started one simply needs to go to and register.  Per their own website.  It’s very simple, and as a person who is currently in the process of having the audio version of his novel done, I can testify that it’s as they say.

The process you take as an author really depends on how much work you yourself want to do in narrating your own work.

Method #1

If you want to do it yourself.  You simply record your narration, upload it to ACX, create a cover (which by the way needs to be a square.  Dimensions need to be no smaller than 2400 X 2400 pixels in size but less than 8 MB. Images must be 24-bit, no smaller than 72dpi, and must be RGB (not CMYK). Images must be squared. The squared cover must be a true squared cover and cannot be rectangular with colored borders on the side. (CD case cover/jacket, e.g.)

Once you’ve uploaded your narration and cover, ACX will distribute your work via Audible and Itunes.

If you have done your work and uploaded files to amazon’s KDP then this process will be very familiar to you.  The above is for authors who have the willingness to take matters into their own hands and do all the work in creating the audio product.

Method #2  

Now if your like me, you are a bit too busy or don’t feel you can do the narration justice.  So you can enter into a contractual relationship where you can split the proceeds with a voice actor.  Using this method you will list your audiobook and solicit voice actors to audition for your work.

You will go through a menu process of selecting the type of voice.  Its a very intricate process that forces you to think what type of sound do you want from your narrator.  Everything from genre, gender, age, accent to vocal styles such as “authoritative” is available to choose from.  The selection process will really make you think about how the story should sound.

Once you establish what type of voice you want.  There are a host of voice actors you can solicit to do your narration.  Or you can request an audition by uploading a portion of your work, and having various ones read it.  In my own situation I had at least 4 auditions before I settled on my voice actor.  Now what’s fantastic is that Amazon will actually provide a stipend for the voice actor.  I.e Amazon will pony up the money up front for your work to be established, meaning you have no out of pocket cost.

Once you select your actor there is an agreement that Amazon brokers between you and the actor where basically you split the royalties. Production begins after the contract is agreed upon.

I’m happy to have Angelo Di Loreto as my voice actor.  He’s had a few credits to his name and has perfect pitch.  His credits include.

Man Up! Becoming a Godly Man In An Ungodly World- By Jody Burkeen (2013)
How To Learn and Memorize Italian Vocabulary- By Anthony Metivier (2013)
Remedies For Reluctant Romantics- By Tio Stibb (2014)
The First Advent- By Lloyd Stancliff (2014)
Divine Children- By Lucas Kitchen (2014)

Commercial Voiceover:

2013 Nissan Terrano- India

2013 ZLO from MRF Tires- India:

Currently my audio book is expected to be complete sometime in late June.

I’ll report more on my experience and the results as things progress so stay tuned.


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Music for the next novel has been selected!

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In the next novel, Heaven has been decimated by war. Michael’s mind reels with visions of the future revealed to him by El, and Lucifer’s plan to force God’s surrender comes to a head.

The Third Heaven:The Birth of God is the sweeping tale that explores the powerful aftermath and consequences of Lucifer’s fall from Heaven.

For in order to save humankind, and heal the rift to his kingdom. God will make the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of his beloved creation.

What would YOU do for love?

Those that know me, know I love to write to epic music. The music takes my spirit to where I want the words to echo. Each book has its own music, its own song, that gives the reader the sense of what emotions will be invoked in the book. I have now found that piece that exhibits that emotion in me for this next novel.

It’s a powerful piece that evokes childlike wonder, awe, power, and flows into sweeping choral melodies that transports the listener into the realm where angels live and move to bring about the will of God.  Angels who will lay down everything to see God’s vision come to pass.  Angels…whose innocence was lost due to war.  And a God who will stop at nothing to bringing restoration to his beloved creation.  A piece that will haunt you to ask….what would you do for love?

Introducing the new theme song for my next novel. Adam Balazs Vox Humana.

Epic music at its best.


The Third Heaven is free today! See the second books debut trailer!

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I want to thank everyone for helping make my novel a success.  It’s getting into the hands of readers and people are enjoying the read.  Reviews are good, and people are being entertained, which is the point!

To celebrate, for the next three days–Sunday Feb 9th- Tuesday Feb 11th 2014.  You can get the novel for free.  Yes absolutely freaking free, exclusively on Amazon.  If you don’t have a kindle that’s OK download it to your PC or smartphone which can read it via Amazon’s kindle app.

098948050X.main samller imageI want to thank everyone,because as of today the novel is #23 in Christian Fantasy and is moving towards the top!

I’ve already started working on the second novel in the series, and expect to giving people a peek at the prologue and the first two chapters as the year progresses.

In the mean time enjoy the new 2014 debut trailer for the second book tentatively entitled “The Birth of God”

Enjoy…oh and don’t forget to pick up your free copy of the novel here!

And after you finish reading leave reviews on Amazon!  Authors love reviews!


Opening up my book proof

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The Third Heaven

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The Third Heaven

Hard Cover Book cover

The above is my selection and the below will be for limited release.


I’m very excited and think they turned out great.  Can’t wait to get a hard copy in my hands.

Stay tuned!!


The Prequel to the Bible is Here!

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Would you partner with me in a dream? 

For years I have watched movie makers and novelists write best sellers, of epic tales of far away places.  I have always dreamed that God would one day use me to speak to the world in a gripping tale of like manner.

In my audacity to think big, I believe God placed in me almost 8 years ago the desire to tell the story of the fall of Lucifer.  To use my imagination to weave a tale of wonder, angles, God, and battles involving the angelic host.  Now after all these years I am approaching the finalization of that dream.

The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars is the novel that has taken me 8 years of work.  I am asking if you would be willing to help me by adding your support to this project.

I have started a KickStarter campaign showing how you can specifically help and am emailing everyone I know to share in the novels success.  You can find the link here.

I’m offering some great rewards for my supporters and hoping you will join me!

You can find the complete details and what I am pledging to you as the creator of this project here.

The novel is done.  However, to make it a success commercially I am in need to some professionals to assist me in the areas of copy editing, cover design and marketing.  Your contribution will allow these challenges to be met.

Here is the brand new trailer for my book!

You have been a supporter of me, and I want to thank God in advance, for your taking the time to join with me in helping to bring this novel to commercial realization.  I believe this is the year, and with your help it will happen!  I’m looking for YOUR support.  Would you help me?

​Remember: the prequel to the Bible is here!

The Prequel to the Bible is coming!

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On Monday 4-29-13 at 10am I will making a major announcement on my novels progress.  The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars.

I want you to be a part of what I’m doing and relish in the success of the book.

I will be debuting on that day the brand new teaser trailer for novel right here on my blog!

I promise you.  You will not be disappointed!

The prequel to the Bible is coming!


Progress Report!

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ImageOk for those that are wondering where we are at on my first novel.  There are some great things in the works!

I have gone back into the story and added more to help flesh out the characters more, and have added a glossary to the work.

I’ve had some great comments, about the novel ranging from, “…literally made me stop reading and repent for my sins…I’m not kidding.”

To, “I loved it. I had to keep reminding myself that this was inspired and not hard facts! The details in the descriptions you gave really helped me visualize the entire story.”

So after some serious thought, I’ve decided that I’m going to go both routes and seek out an agent but also self-publish.  I just feel more in control with the self publishing route, and I think with the right marketing plan on my part I can do it.

I have managed to find a editor who is very reasonable and hoping to submit my manuscript for review in May/June.  June at the latest.  Obviously I want to make the work the best I can make it so having a professional editor review it for grammar and such will go a long way.  I’m expecting this cost to run about 400-500 dollars.

I have secured where I expect to have the cover produced so it is just about acquiring the funds at this point.  This too shall be about 200-500 dollars

I have made the decision to self-publish, and am spending a lot of time developing a marketing plan.

I am confident that with exposure the book will do well.  It’s that great of a story!

Lastly, because of the expense I am strongly looking at using Kickstarter to raise some funds to get the work off the ground.  So look for a possible blog that explains more about this.

Lastly, I have an awesome new trailer that I plan to debut.  I’m just waiting for the right time.

In the meantime, I am working on the 2nd novel in the series, and contemplating finishing a small nonfiction work that I’ve had on the back burner for a while and turn it into an ebook.  So there’s lots going on and I want to thank all my followers for your support!  I’m seeing that building a platform is more about time and patience than anything else.  But I’m starting to get the hang of it!

Thanks for being early adopters!

Lastly, as some may or may not know I’ve been challenged to find full time work so things have been very difficult to say the least.  But I’m still looking up!  Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that opportunities will open up and I can finally secure full time employment.  In the meantime, I’m working on using what’s in my ‘hand’.  which is my writing gift.  So thanks for the few who’ve supported me.


Teaser trailer for my upcoming novel. The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars

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Only Heaven could spawn evil of this magnitude.

And Here We … GO!

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OK its official.  Today I poked my toe into the waters of being a “traditionally published” author. and submitted my first query letter, synopsis and some pages from my novel.  

The lucky recipient to tell me if I have any talent is..da tah da dahhhh…the Donald Maass Literary Agency.  Let’s give them a hand ladies and gentlemen! 

This agency has the distinct honor, privilege of reading my masterpiece…lol  I know, I know it’s a lil much but bear with me.  

They also have the distinct honor of being the first professionally to speak that the manuscript needs work.  But I need that.  I need it because I’ve done all I can do.  I’ve edited as much as I can edit.  I’ve sat and waited.  For those that follow me, I finished this novel on July 4th 2012.  This is February, so I’ve let it sit for a while now.  I sent it out to some beta readers.  some were more helpful than others.  Some–heck are you still alive?  

I’m financially restricted at the moment due to my employment situation so I can’t do more on the writers conference, professional editing, and blah blah blah.  So I’ve done all I know to do:  after getting as much input from those that I solicited were willing to give me.  

I said its time to just put it out there.  Stick a toe in the water, see what happens.  The worst is that I’ll be in the exact same position I am in at the moment.  So why not.

Now for the record let me point out that hitting that ENTER key on the keyboard was one of the scariest things I’ve done.  “Why?” you ask?  

Well they might not like it!  I could stink!  No seriously, after all this time to surrender my writing to someone else, is like giving your child up for adoption.  Well maybe not quite like that but by golly it feels like it!

In any event, I felt I needed to take the jump.  I’ve written a book after all.  What’s the point of writing if no ones going to read it?  

These agents and publishers are the gate keepers of contemporary literature.  The guardians of what’s marketable.  Will someone believe enough in the story I created that they will say, “Yes I like it…i think this will sell in the market.”

Can I possibly have a voice?  Who knows.  But it will be fun to see.  I’m looking forward to seeing.  Ok 99 agents/publishers to go before I self publish!

I figure hey, even if they reject me, I might acquire some good feedback on the road of becoming a published author.  So well see.

Wish me luck!