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We’re moving!

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Evening all,

After tearing over the decision I’ve decided that I need to take the next step of getting my platform underpinnings together.  So I’m expecting to move to a server.  The finances are finally there, and to take things to the next level I need to simply own my blog/website.  Right now I have two sites to keep up and I need to direct traffic to one point.

So keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I also want to make sure I’m targeting content that readers want to see.  So I plan on dealing with leadership, entrepreneurship, and writing and or course Christian opinion.

Please bear with me, its been a hectic last week with my kindle countdown promotion which was an incredible success.  Also I have both my sons and my own birthday’s coming up this week.  But I do expect to put up some content this week.  I also have a author interview that is upcoming as well as two media announcements shortly so stay tuned!

One of the challenges of running your own business is that you really are doing everything yourself.  So it takes time.  Since I do work, well needless to say its time consuming.

But great things are in store.  In the meantime enjoy this bit of music that is part of the soundtrack for the next book.






All Twitter followers are not created equal.

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One of the things I am coming to understand more of.  Or more accurately remembering, is that social media is about 1 on 1 contact.  It’s about developing relationships with people.  And yes although you can advertise on social media, that’s not its primary purpose.  It’s simply about connecting with people one person at a time.

I think when you are starting a business you can forget that.  It’s one thing to create a product or service it’s quite another to have that product and or service discovered in the market place.  Enter Twitter.

I’ve been looking more at the people who follow me and have gleaned something after staring at who makes up my ‘followers’.  I’ve determined that I needed to pare down who was on my list.  For example, I just had a individual follow me who has almost 7 thousand followers!  Wow I’m impressed.  I looked at who he follows, and again almost 7 thousand people.  Now that’s quite a lot of people to keep track of, and I doubt this person has ‘relationships’ with all these people.  They follow him, he follows them.  Quid Pro Quo.  But then I looked at the number of tweets he tweeted.   9.  Yep the actual number 9.  Not Ninety.  Not Nine hundred, but 9.  So I ask myself.  ‘Is this someone I want to follow?’  I mean he obviously doesn’t put out content.  Not with just 9 tweets.  He’s not being social.  He’s collecting numbers.  Maybe he’s famous enough that he deserves those numbers, I don’t know.  But can I expect him to retweet something, let alone read something that I post.  I highly doubt it.  I’m probably just another notch in the followers game that can be Twitter.

And that I do not want to become.  So I’m doing a purge.  Really looking at who I am following.  Are they sociable?  Are they just an internet placeholder in the twitter verse?  Because, I don’t want someone to unfollow me because I never interact with anyone, or haven’t post in over a year.  Yep there are some haven’t said a thing on Twitter in over a year.

Then we have the ‘promoter.’  The promoter is the person who follows me in the hopes that I will ask them how I can get thousands of twitter followers yet they themselves have virtually none.  I mean come on, at least have a follower list that remotely is impressive enough to want me to say, “Wow yeah I’d like those number.”  but nope.  I’m followed by what I now see are just Twitter bots or spam.  Oh well.

So I’m purging the list.  Id’ rather have 100 great followers, than 1000 who barely know I exist.  So hence I am now using and I must admit.  It’s been eye opening.  I’d suggest you try it if you’re a Twitter user.

What about you?  What lessons have you learned in your experience of being on Twitter?  What observations come to mind?  Any pointers to share?

Comment below!  I actually do comment back!  🙂





Ramblings and such.

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01 A a GZ 1

I’ve been struggling lately with some postings and have been very busy too.  Best practice they say is to at least 3 posts weekly.  I’m more of a post when the muse hits, but today I thought I’d just talk about what’s going on with me a bit.

Today I took the time to submit my novel for to Amazon’s ACX to create an audiobook.  We’ll see what happens.  Like all things Amazon, it was an easy process for book setup.

I’ve been struggling on how to direct my blogging.  My struggle is really coming up with content for so many areas.  (Blog, social media and writing)  Finding time to actually write the next novel.  Increasing my platform especially via twitter and google plus.  Twitter is amazing!   I’ve quite a few non-fiction works that I started but need to complete, so I’m looking at bring them back and publishing them,

I’ve had a story idea for a year now.  I’ve been wondering about how realistic it would be for me to work on two separate novels simultaneously.

I’m at the computer so much my neck/shoulders muscles have started to hurt.  Been doing some exercises to keep things in order.  But yikes talk about pain!

I like the control of doing things as an authorpreneur, yet I must admit, it would be nice if I had another me who could spend more time doing networking with people online.

If all goes as planned, I hope to have the next book out in time for Christmas.  I’m still going through some financial challenges so that impacts my ability to pour myself entirely into my work as I would like.  But I’m optimistic that in time things will work out and asking for you to keep me in your prayers.

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas so it’s loaded with all kinds of books now.  I’ve been reading The Shack by William P Young.  I’m almost done with it.  It’s a good book, a quick read actually too.  I would recommend it.

Had a great service yesterday and it made me think about a variety of things specifically I was asked to reflect on the cross.  I was reminded that we have in our culture powerful symbols and icons.  The Nike Swoosh, The Golden Arches of McDonalds.  There are a multitude of logos and brands that with one look you instantly recognize the company associated or action associated with it.

But think about the cross.  We wear it over our necks as gold jewelry, have it dangle from our ears as earrings, will drape it on t-shirts, and have it dangled as a belly ring.

But the cross was a form of torture, it was an instrument of capital punishment used by the roman empire. A form of punishment so severs and terrifying that you thought twice about committing a crime that might result in crucifixion.  Imagine if we draped an electric chair in gold, and draped it about our necks.  Or worse silver studded nooses.  If I had 14k gold earrings of an electric chair dangling from my ears what would you think?  Kinda weird huh? But the cross is such a powerful symbol because its been transformed from a symbol of torture and capital punishment to a symbol of hope.

It is the perfect embodiment of God’s justice and love.   As we prepare to celebrate God’s solution to man’s sin.  Let us remember that the cross is more than a piece of fancy jewelry to be worn.  But the real consequence of our rebellion against God, who took our deserved punishment, and in our stead and voluntarily paid the price for our sins.

As I ramble, I’m again asking for your prayers and well wishes, as I am beginning to do some readings and more radio interviews.  Speaking of which I have a blog talk radio interview on Wednesday April 16th at 2pm eastern.  I hope you can tune in as host Giovanni Gelati and I talk on the G-Zone about my novel. Check the link out for Wednesdays interview here.  i

Finally I’ve developed a seminar I’m looking at doing as well.  On independent Publishing.  There is so much that new authors don’t know.  I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve made some home runs.  I’m hoping I can help other authors duplicate and expand on my own successes, and help them avoid problems in getting their books out.  I’m constantly amazed when I talk to new authors about what they  don’t know.

I’ve got tons more stuff to share, but ‘its time to make the donuts’ so I’ve gotta log off, but hey I always enjoy hearing from you. Please leave me comment and I’ll put your name in a hat to receive a free copy of my novel!

Here’s some music to uplift you!




Godzilla: Go strong or go home.

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Yesterday was the debut of the 2nd trailer for the of the new 2014 Godzilla movie.

Now to say that I want this movie to be great and succeed is an understatement.  I grew up as a kid where in our area during the summer months our local WXYZ TV would play at 4pm for one week (monster week) a monster movie, and typically Godzilla was right up there.

I have fond memories of Ultraman kicking butt, and Gamera almost getting his arm chopped off.

I was at the theaters as a kid when Godzilla was fighting Megalon, and Jet Jaguar did his funky karate moves and grew into a giant wannabe of Ultraman.  I was stoked as a kid.  I loved that stuff.

And over the years I watched my rubberized monsters turn into Power Rangers, and Pokémon and a host of other derivatives.  It wasn’t till Cloverfield came out that I felt that someone had finally done the monster genre justice.  (Thank God for J. J. Abrams, he actually gets this kinda stuff.) The Sony version of Godzilla, the huge mega hyped monstrosity that it was.  (No pun intended) simply did not cut it.

So here we are today.  On the cusp of another attempt to get Godzilla the props he deserves.  I like the trailer.  Men jumping out of a plane to land on Godzilla?  Oh that was bad booty. (i.e. awesome) But this latest trailer gives me hope.  I see another monster.  Yes my sentimental heart leaped that perhaps my eyes did indeed glimpse what could only be the sweetness of Rodan.

So here’s to hoping that they get the big lizard right.  I like the look so far.  They’ve got the roar right…but he better have his fiery breath or its just not the Big G I’m sorry.

So here’s to the comeback of Godzilla.  Go strong of go home.


Google-Fu: and the way of the Net:How to understand the information the Net has about you, and influence it.

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Greetings grasshopper: sit to understand the way of the “Net”.  For the internet, is a vast computer network storing and sharing a wealth of information.  This network has created the phenomenon that we call the World Wide Web.

Ahh but this you know; patience grasshopper––patience.

The Net is most voracious in its ability to swallow information, and is unforgiving in displaying its wares.  For this purpose reader-san: you must understand the art of Google-Fu.

Google-Fu is learning what information the Net knows and particularly knows about you.

To do this you must understand what drives the Nets need to know you; and then––you must know yourself.

You must know this reader-san or you will falter when your identity is stolen, or when girlfriend or employer sees your indiscretions on Facebook.  Then you will pine for Google-Fu to protect you but by then it will be too late.

Young pupil, appreciate and master the Net.  Only with this knowledge will you come to understand its power.  For the Net is like the air: it surrounds us, refreshes us or levels our relational houses.  Know this and you will not know defeat in your affiliations.

We will discover together the information the Net has captured about you.  How you have surrendered this information and may recover yourself from disaster should you choose to walk the path of the wise.

Therefore, reader-san, start with this truth: the Net knows only two things: one: what it has been given, and two––what you have given to it.

Dwell on this truth grasshopper, next week we will begin your training, and start with what has been given to the Net.

Now go meditate.