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Inspiration Tuesday: Duel of the Fates

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There are few things that would stand as an adversary to a writer as the enemy known as writer’s block.  The towering wall of inability to muster words to advance ones story.  The sheer frustration of being caught between two opinions, to find oneself standing in the proverbial desert looking across dunes of words that all look the same.  Directionless in your journey.  Observing nothing, but sand that silently echoes over more sand.  Nothing.

dunesBut then you move. Lumbering, walking forward looking for any sign of direction, any hope that might advance you in your prose.  It is then that you realize that war that rages within you.  A war to produce meaningful prose.  A war to combat fatigue, and procrastination.  To move ever forward in a relentless march towards your goal.

Never stopping, plodding along basking in swelter as your head pounds refusing to be quieted by all the Tylenol in existence.

You are dueling the fates.

Wrestling with the Darth Mauls that every writer who wields a pen or PC must contend.  Lost in the silent battle that is as ferocious as the sword saber slashing of any Jedi.

You — are dueling the fates.

Steadfastly you pound the keys swiping at any mirage that would serve as beacon towards your goal.

It is then that you discover and draw power and inspiration: you smash through the door and vault across the borders of silent muse.  To land steadfast ready to run towards the sanctuary of an oasis of prose.

You bask in the stream of consciousness that invigorates you and from which you draw strength. You savor every succulent syllabic strung sentence that smoothly rolls from off your pen.   Your muse has awakened.  Yet you are not fooled.  Although an oasis has found you but for a moment.  You look over the horizon of desert that you must still cross.  A desert that at whose end will yield to you a promised land of a first draft.

You are a writer–and you are dueling the fates.


It’s inspiration Tuesday, but on a Wednesday!

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Today’s epic inspirational piece comes again from Audiomachine. Set to sweeping violins this powerful theme is the new music produced for the upcoming 2014 motion picture.  It speaks and drips epic.  If the movie lives up to the emotional impact of the piece.  We will have a winner on our hands. Watch the actual trailer below and allow the power of the track to move you.






It’s Inspiration Tuesday!

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Today’s epic inspiration piece comes again from Two Steps from Hell. Taken from the album Archangel, Nero is a beautiful piece with piano filled melodies in a high key, and sweeping stringed instruments, that lifts the soul.  Enjoy it.  🙂


It’s Inspiration Tuesday

In It's Inspiration Tuesday! on November 19, 2013 at 8:00 am

Because music makes your braver and has the ability to uplift and take one to places.  Let this piece by Two Steps from Hell, move you.  Entitled Winterspell on their album Skyworld.  It is an appropriate title, as it makes one to reflect on snow covered lands or airy cityscapes.  Filled with a choral music its gives off an epic feel.



Inspiration Tuesday: But on a Wednesday!

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Music is a powerful medium that can evoke emotions within us. It can make us cry, or inspire us to achieve more than we ever dreamed possible. Today’s selection is from Immediate Music, the album is Trailerhead. The song…Serenata Immortale. Listen and let its spirit lift you to go forth and conquer.

The enemy thought you defeated, but little did he know that there yet remained life hidden within your bosom. Arise, and unleash that which God has stored within you. Smite him with a ferocity he never knew was coming.

Today is your day.

It’s Inspiration Tuesday…but on a Wednesday. :-)

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As I slowly make my way back to posting regularly I want to start by giving a quick thank you to those that follow me.  We are almost at 300 followers!  Wow!  Needless to say there are those out there that enjoy what I post and I hope to create an even larger following that wants to be inspired, entertained, and given helpful resources.  Stay tuned as I’m going to do a blog series on marketing soon, and I hop that will really help out those indie publishers out there.

In the mean time, let me introduce a piece I found today that is simply beautiful and lifts the spirit to fight and keep going.

Fireheart by Soundcritters is just that.  Its a rousing piece that sings to those whom life has attempted to douse.  It calls to the person who is looking for courage to stand and face tough decision, and whose heart might be shackled in the cold grip of despair.  With this piece I call on you to reach deep within yourself and rise from your doldrums.  To not let the fire of your hope go out.  But to embark on your quest even in the face of the unknown and to fight. Battle, to over take, and pursue.

This is epic music as it should be.




It’s Inspiration Tuesday!

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This beautiful epic piece is a sweeping instrumental that rouses one to action. Stating with violins.  Its melody grabs one by the spirit in a cacophony of chorals, and horns.

Soon one is immersed in the heroic epic.  You walk in triumph.  There may be struggle  but there will be no defeat.  for nothing shall stand before you.  No power, no principality  no tribulation.  There is nothing that can stop you.  You are a pillar of the Earth, and shall not be moved.

The music featured is taken from Audiomachine – Pillars Of Earth (Kevin Rix – 2013) “Millennium”

It’s Inspiration Tuesday!

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I’ve been absent this past week. Real life beckoned and I needed a slight break. But I’m back and so is the epic music. Entitled Homecoming by Thomas Bergersen, its a powerful piece that is simply beautiful to the ear.

The piece opens with flutes and violins. Its a crescendo of bells and minor vocals, as horns raise to thunderous applause of praise. The Heroes have come home. Victorious in battle, and triumphant.

This piece also inspired me to write a novel. Look for it one day. Hutari is the name.

In the meantime, enjoy!


Inspiration Tuesday!

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Every Tuesday I try to post some of the most beautiful pieces of music to inspire and enthrall.  Because I know that “music makes you braver”.

This weeks piece is a short tune that had simply an epic feel to it.  When I listen to it I image great desert kingdoms, and royal palaces and landscapes that when one zooms out paints a picture of lands that stretch for miles as one views from mountains or far away heights.

This piece is entitled Heaven and Earth by Sonic Symphony.  Enjoy!

It’s Inspiration Tuesday!

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It’s not often that I get the opportunity to showcase not just a great piece of epic music, but how I’ve personally interpreted the music use in my own work.  The music is from David Edwards The Age Of Man (Fringe Element Trailer Series Epic Choral Action).

It’s a powerful sweeping piece that starts off in a brooding somber tone then quickly ramps up the tempo until there’s nothing left but a pounding crescendo that marches over and over.  Only to end in shrill high pitched choral ‘screams’.

In launching my Kickstarter campaign I used this music to create the self made trailer for my novel, The Third Heaven: The Rise of Fallen Stars.  When you view the trailer you feel the launch away from the planet as you journey to the realm where God and the angels live.  The Third Heaven.  I don’t think a more beautiful and powerful  piece of music could better create the feel that I was trying to convey here.

What do you think do you agree?

Are there any pieces of music that inspire you?  Particularly to write?

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