Using Personality Type in Character Development

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Great information to assist with thinking about character personalities.

The New Authors Fellowship

Some authors (like myself) are character-driven. Others (like my “fanfic” collaborator Jason Ward of Barbados—imagine that, my fiction actually inspires fan fiction) are plot-driven. Character-driven authors can create colorful characters at the drop of a hat; it’s plotting which challenges them. Plot-driven authors can create interesting plots easily; it’s creating interesting characters which challenges them. Thus Jason and I have a mutually beneficial partnership.

Ever since I saw Jeff Gerke’s method of character creation for plot-driven authors like himself, I’ve been thinking about what lies behind the two preferences in writing. Among other devices, Jeff draws upon the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) and the model of cognitive dynamics which lies behind it to create and enrich characters. It occurs to me that two elements of cognitive preference likely dictate whether one is a character-driven author or a plot-driven author.

Of the sixteen codes in the Myers-Briggs grid, half have F…

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