Top 5 Things Wrong With Christian Music, Movies, and Books

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An excellent commentary on how Christians view the arts. Agree or Disagree. It’s definitely thought provoking.

Fencing With Ink

It’s that time of year when Christians ruin Christmas carols by adding in a bridge that completely clashes with the rest of the song, adds nothing of any real value, and basically tries to spice up linguistic gourmet with lyrical pop tarts. Seriously, how do you screw up “Joy to the World?” And who would dare think that “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” needed to be more Godly? Why are we ruining our own songs?!

And it’s not just music. Christian media in general is absolute garbage most of the time. I won’t say all, because there is some truly phenomenal stuff out there, but most of the mainstream Christian music, movies, and books are predictable and uninspired. I’ve diagnosed 5 reasons why. 

5. The Stores

All sources: Google All sources: Google

This one is slightly legitimate. Christian stores only sell to one kind of client, and that particular client is often…

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