Godzilla: Go strong or go home.

In Misc on February 26, 2014 at 7:19 pm

Yesterday was the debut of the 2nd trailer for the of the new 2014 Godzilla movie.

Now to say that I want this movie to be great and succeed is an understatement.  I grew up as a kid where in our area during the summer months our local WXYZ TV would play at 4pm for one week (monster week) a monster movie, and typically Godzilla was right up there.

I have fond memories of Ultraman kicking butt, and Gamera almost getting his arm chopped off.

I was at the theaters as a kid when Godzilla was fighting Megalon, and Jet Jaguar did his funky karate moves and grew into a giant wannabe of Ultraman.  I was stoked as a kid.  I loved that stuff.

And over the years I watched my rubberized monsters turn into Power Rangers, and Pokémon and a host of other derivatives.  It wasn’t till Cloverfield came out that I felt that someone had finally done the monster genre justice.  (Thank God for J. J. Abrams, he actually gets this kinda stuff.) The Sony version of Godzilla, the huge mega hyped monstrosity that it was.  (No pun intended) simply did not cut it.

So here we are today.  On the cusp of another attempt to get Godzilla the props he deserves.  I like the trailer.  Men jumping out of a plane to land on Godzilla?  Oh that was bad booty. (i.e. awesome) But this latest trailer gives me hope.  I see another monster.  Yes my sentimental heart leaped that perhaps my eyes did indeed glimpse what could only be the sweetness of Rodan.

So here’s to hoping that they get the big lizard right.  I like the look so far.  They’ve got the roar right…but he better have his fiery breath or its just not the Big G I’m sorry.

So here’s to the comeback of Godzilla.  Go strong of go home.


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