Ready for the New Year!

In Personal, Uncategorized on January 9, 2014 at 10:01 pm

New Day_C_NV

Hey peeps, sorry I have been away for a bit, end of the year stuff and transitioning.

But I’m back and have plenty of things in the hopper.  After doing some soul searching I decided I needed to cut back on those things which were not productive for me.  So I have decided to stop writing for  I need the time to write and there’s so much going on with trying to promote my new novel that I need to really be selective on what endeavors I am going to engage in and which ones I am not.  So I had to let that go.

In any event, I am slowly building that authors platform people talk so much about.  It takes time and work.  But I’m up to the task.  I had a wonderful experience the other day where a client from my job called me and specifically called to comment about my novel.  The person had noticed it in my office and wanted to talk more about it.  I obliged her and it resulted in her coming by the office to pick up her own autographed copy!  A very cool authors moment.

Now that the new year has begun I have started the second in the series of books.  It has already taken a life of its own and is coming along well.  I hope to have the new trailer out to promote it.  Look for it on my website and here.

Going into 2014 well be talking about more topics related to Christianity and the news, more entertainment pieces, some author interviews, and of course select pieces of music, and personal pieces and of course writing tips and resources.

Alright I think  that about covers everything.  I’ll see you on Monday for that days writers resource!



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