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Get your free e-book!

Donovan and the act of musing


Get a free e-book for your discipleship efforts!

Do you need material for your new converts class?

How about information to give to new members explaining their salvation experience?

Looking for a helpful evangelistic tool?

Written with these questions in mind, the Gospel Explained is a great resource tool to help you in all your discipleship efforts!

In celebration of Easter. The kindle version of, The Gospel Explained is being given away FREE from March 28 2013 – April 1st 2013!  Download your free copy at and get it instantly for your kindle or e-reader.

In this power packed book, Donovan Neal M.S.N.P. and teacher in the Christian ministry for 25 years, uses a catechistic approach and walks the reader to understand such concepts as sin.  Why Jesus had to die, and be resurrected, and why is Jesus the only way to receive salvation.

Power packed with information, Donovan…

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