It’s Inspiration Tuesday!

In It's Inspiration Tuesday! on March 26, 2013 at 6:34 pm

Because I know music makes your braver.  Today’s inspirational song is a piece by Audiomachine, that evokes, sheer power.  From the violins in the begining, to the pounding of the drums, and choir vocals.  It beats power, a sense of epic battle, and triumph and victory.

It starts with rushing violins, which are soon locked in raced only to be followed with a powerful drum beat. The meoldy then crescendos into a higher pitch until it pulses with pounding horns of annunciation   It grabs you, and does not let go.

Listen, write…and do not stop until you have conquered every jot and title, never yielding until each character is splayed before you fallen to the muse of your spirit and your paper bleeds with imagined Heroes, worlds and evil slain.

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