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Ok each week I am scouring the net for great resources of all kinds.  Primarily for writers but it can be whatever fancies me.

This week I’d like to present…drum roll please….Authors marketing Club!

Let’s give them a hand shall we!

Well I found this gem of a site while looking for resources to better market my own wares.

Here’s a quick video that talks about what they do.

But overall you can…

Upload book trailers and have them reviewed!

They have dozens of helpful videos to help you understand how to market your book, and build a great platform

There are some great forums to participate in and get feedback

They have a book featured portion that sends your book out to over 3000 people via email lisitng.  That’s a huge number of people

Finally one of the nicest things is their book submission tool which allows you right from their site. “No longer do you have to dig up your links to the best places to submit your books. We’ve put them all together here for you in one spot. Just click on the logos below to load each site’s form, fill in your details, and you’re done.”  There are 20 different sites that once you complete their submission requirements gets your book in front of thousands of people.

I can’t speak more highly about this site which is why I became a member.  If you are marketing a book, especially if its digital this site is a godsend.

Here’s the link!

  1. This sounds like a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Going to send the link to my YA novelist buddy who scored a good contract but will have to rely on his own marketing chops to sell his book. Thanks for the heads-up, definitely going to register myself since it’s a freebie but will wait a couple of days since I just recently joined Spotify, CreateSpace and Smashwords and am very weary of finding strong passwords. 🙂

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