Is it “epic” enough?

In On writing on October 27, 2012 at 6:51 am

It’s taken me seven years to write my first novel.  I’m still in the process of revision, working to make the characters deeper than they already are and attempt to remove any flatness they might have.

When I wrote scenes in my book I often asked myself this question.  “Is it epic enough?”   In other words was the action such that when I finished reading it, I had captured the sense of excitement and vision that I saw in my mind’s eye?   When my novel is translated into film, will there be enough of a description for the producer and director to translate my work to the silver screen?

“Is it epic enough?”

I once saw a motion picture that I was really excited to see.  When I left the movies I was disappointed.  Not because it wasn’t that great of a movie but it left me wanting because I realized.  It wasn’t “epic” enough.

Now that I’m essentially done with my story and I am deep into developing my characters even more, I find that I’m asking a new question as it relates to them.  “Are they emotional enough?”  In other words will you care about them?  Do they make you laugh?  Cry, want to wring their necks?  Because if they don’t.  Then I haven’t done my job yet.

I’m actually finding this is more of my weakness as a writer, at least as it relates to this story.  But I’m working on it: so that when you read my stories.  You will come away satisfied and moved in some fashion a character.

Is your story epic enough?  And are your characters emotional enough?

Think about it.

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